Last year, NSUer app and wesbite were released. My goal has been to help students to make their study life easier to manage. Glad so say that I'm successful, as so many of you are using this app and loving it.

It's been more than a year, I'm spending my pocket money to run this website and app. But as users are growing, it required more expensive server, and other services to renew. I can't bear the maintenance cost of this app alone.

I tried to get a fund from NSU, but they are never going to fund a personal project like NSUer App. Besides, it directly competes with NSU-IT (you know what I'm trying to say)

As many of you suggested, there will be a membership system in NSUer App. Cost will be 30TK per semester.

Your subscription fee will be considered as contribution to this app. And keep the app ads free.

Using our own fund, we will upgrade to higher powered servers, build more advanced features, develop books and course resource(slides, projects) collection and more.

If you have any valid reason, then you can get membership for free. Contact at



100 TK



250 TK
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New Updates

  • Now you can search multiple courses by separating with a comma.

    Example: ECO201,PHB101,BUS173

  • New shortcut link feature added to get multiple or single course's faculties more easily.,mat120

  • A input box added on the bottom for sharing link of that page. Just click on the COPY button and paste anywhere you want, such as facebook post comments.
  • Add multiple faculties to a course by separating with a comma.

    Example: SBS,ADF,MLE


NSUer.Club is a poll website faculties of NSU. The ranking of faculties are determined by the count of votes given by students. Ranking doesn't mean to disrespect any faculty members.